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The current rate of the digital revolution estimates around 5.34 Billion unique worldwide smartphone users, which counts for two-thirds of the global population. With the increasing lifestyle and growing buying capacity of the middle class in several developed and developing countries, this gigantic figure means 5.34 billion unique customers and sales opportunities for businesses to offer their products.

The cheaper data costs and mobile phones at our fingertips have changed the way people interact, spend their leisure time, travel, purchase, eat, and even sleep today is determined by some app or the other in our smartphones, and with such a great impact on people's lives, businesses are racing to find a place in the list of favorite apps on their customers.

So, what is the work of a Mobile App Marketing Agency?

The main role of a Mobile App Marketing Agency is to get your targeted set of customers to download your mobile app, filter the gold from everything else that shines, keep the gold shining and make them a set of brand loyal and regular users.
Basically, Mobile App Marketing is just to filter the people who can spend on your product line from the people who want to but can't afford to.

Some of the stages involving Mobile App Marketing are as follows:
  • Customer Acquisition: So, here, it's just about throwing your net into the waters with lots of fish and catching all of them who are attracted by your bait, so that you can filter them later. Just get them to download your application.
  • User Registration: This step captures the basic details about your customers like email id, phone number, gender, age, etc. It is about helping them create a profile of them and offering them a private portal.
  • Customer Engagement: It begins with telling them your brand story and asking them more personal questions, like their preferences, and offering them solutions to monetize your app, while keeping a track of their activities.
  • Building Brand Loyalty:This is the destination your app was designed to drive you to. These loyal customers will look at your app for any purchases they are offering.
  • After Sales Services: Often overlooked, this step is all about customer retention and is very important, as, if this is not dealt with satisfactorily, you will lose not just a customer but a free marketing source for your brand.

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